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Shipping Policy -


When your order arrives, be sure to check that you have received the same quantity of product that you ordered. To guarantee customer satisfaction, please make note  of the following when receiving your order:  

1.  Take your time to visually inspect your delivery to be sure that the correct product(s) have been shipped, but that they have arrived in good condition, and you have received as much as you have paid for. It is very important that you personally make note of any missing or damaged items on the delivery receipt before signing any documents for the driver. The order confirmation  email you received lists all the materials and quantities you ordered. If your delivery does not match the quantities on your order confirmation email, please call us immediately at 813.504.9848 while the delivery driver is still at your location.
2.  All flooring deliveries are curbside deliveries, and require that you, or some physically able person(s) are present at time of delivery to take your items from the truck into your home or business. The driver is not permitted to enter your residence or business. If necessary, inside delivery is available for an additional fee.
3.  We strongly recommend that you store the flooring in the room(s) where it is to be installed. This will eliminate the need to move the material multiple times, and also allows the flooring to acclimate to it's new environment.
4.  IMPORTANT: You must not sign any delivery documents, or allow the driver to leave until you have verified that all material has been received in good condition, and that the correct quantities have been delivered. You MUST make a detailed note of any damaged and/or missing item(s) on the delivery receipt before signing it and allowing the driver to leave. If you do not make note of damaged or missing items, or if you fail to notice any damaged or missing items until after the driver has left, we will not be able to file a claim with the carrier on your behalf, and you will have to file the claim on your own.

>> Conditions:

Due to the uncontrollable variables that can effect shipping, such as weather and holidays, we strongly advise against scheduling any hired labor until after you have received your delivery and have all materials in your possession. Factors beyond our control that can possibly delay an order could include: weather delays, time needed to manufacture product, backorders, etc...  Please schedule  your install to ensure that extra time has been allotted to account for possible delays. We  can not be held liable for failure to meet scheduled install dates due  to delivery. Delivery dates are approximates, and as such, can not be  promised under any circumstance.

Anything Else?

Let us know if you have any questions while your products are in transition! For specific questions about your shipping options, feel free to speak with one of our personal flooring consultants.